Monday, August 26, 2013

Sewing with a plan, fall 2013

After reading Sophie's  post yesterday morning it felt like she had been reading my mind! Sophie talks about the fact that it is just much more exciting to buy and sew with prints than with solid colours. The only issue, offcourse, is that you can only mix so much print items together. A good solid item on the other hand can be worn with a lot of other items.. 

Lining with a print doesn't count right?
Two weeks ago I went fabric shopping while on holiday in Italy and I already knew that I had to buy more solid colours for my fall sewing plans. So I made a list.. 

The patterns I want to sew this fall are:
And before I start working on those, I want to:

My Saltspring dress, it is actually black silk
 So when I went to the fabric store I had a plan! I even made my boyfriend pay attention that I didn't buy too many fabrics with print, only the lining was allowed to be busy (and fun).. From the outside the shop doesn't look too promising, but when you go inside, wow! It is my fabric heaven and I can easiliy spend hours there!
Here you can see a bit of the wool suiting collection on the left. The first fabrics on the right are polyester, but the rows after that are all silk. Also the complete right wall is all silk. They have a lot of designer silks ( I got silks from Missoni and Max Mara last year) and most of their silks are around 15 euro's per meter (around 15 dollars per yard)! Not bad at all right?

This was the 50% off stash 
Knits in all sorts and patterns
 So what did I get?
  • Two fabrics for my Archer blouse, the blue one with the small purple dots is cotton, and the other one is a polyester. I don't usually like polyester fabrics, but this one felt super soft and was only 2 euro's per meter, so this will be my wearable muslin.

Cotton and the polyester

  • Water repellent fabric for my Robson trenchcoat. This coat needs a lot of fabric! Around 4.5 meters if I remember correctly.. That's why I chose this fabric, it is slightly grey with a hint of a denim look (but nothing too much, trust me!) and the best part, it was on sale so only 2.5 euro's per meter! The Robson coat is unlined, so no excuse for prints here. 

The Minoru jacket on the left and the Robson on the right
  •  Fabric for my two Minoru jackets, one in water repellent fabric (camel colour) and the other one in wool! At first I only got the water repellent one, but when I arrived home I wished that I had also gotten some wool to make it. So two days later I went back to the fabric store and found some lovely wool, which absolutely made my day!

Lining, yay!
The water repellent fabric and it's lining.
Wool in close-up
Another lining with print!

  •  For my Victoria blazer I got a silk linnen, I didn't get a lining, but I'm sure I have something suitable in my stash. I also have some fabric I got in Paris in March which I want to use for a Victoria blazer, it is a gorgeous fabric with some shimmer in it!

Silk linnen
 My Paris fabric!

  •  And then I got some black jersey to make this shirt out of, it is from the book Drape Drape. I also got some other black thicker jersey to make a sweater of some sort.. 

Overall I'm really happy with my choices and can't wait to start sewing my Minoru jacket! I think that will be the first one on my to do list :)

What do you think about my fabric choices? Do you have a fall sewing plan?


  1. Great choices! The Robson does take a lot of fabric, I manages to squeeze mine out of 4 m and I think you could get away with 3,5 if you cut some parts (under collar, undersides of the flaps) out of a different fabric!

  2. Wow that silk linen is gorgeous! And I really like the black and white spotty(ish) Minarou lining too.

  3. I came to exactly the same conclusion, I need more solids in my wardrobe, although I find the prints much more fun... And I made plans in that direction too.
    I love the fabrics you chose, and your patterns are great too!

  4. Thanks Annette! I do think that I need to cut some parts out of a different fabric, as it is quite a sturdy fabric.. I love your version of the Robson!

  5. Thanks! I was really happy with the lining too, it is acutally blue and black which makes for a nice contrast :)

  6. Yeah, I completely agree Wendy, prints are so much more fun to buy.. I think its funny that when I compare the clothes that I buy from stores and the ones that I make, that the storebought ones are usually solids, and my makes are usually prints.. Looking forward to seeing your solid makes!

  7. Omg..zo jaloers. Dat boek Drape Drape, ziet eruit als iets wat ik moet hebben. Neem je het mee na het weekend? Dan maak ik wat kopietjes...
    Oh en ontdekking van vandaag Gridjunkie: http://fringeassociation.com/2013/07/09/our-tools-ourselves-jerome-sevilla-aka-gridjunky/ haalt tweedehands truien uit en breidt er mutsjes van..so awesome.

  8. Wow all the fabrics are so lovely and you really do have a sewing plan! Super nicey! I can't wait to see your minoru jacket! oh... je hebt ook comments in het Nederlands hahah. liefs xxxx

  9. Het boek ligt al op de praktijk :) ziet er heel tof uit die site! Zowiezo een leuke blog, kende ik nog niet! Pompom tijdschrift moet ook tof zijn..

  10. Jaaa Eef, mag ook in het nederlands hoor :) Je rokje is afgelokt, zal hem binnenkort weer aan je terug geven! Ben ook benieuwd naar mn jas, zodra ik hem af heb krijgt je hem te zien! Eerst morgen de stoffen ophalen bij mn opa en oma :)

  11. This is a perfect fall sewing plan! I'm excited to see these ideas come to life!

  12. Thanks! I'm super excited too, just pre-washed my Minoru wool :)