Sunday, June 30, 2013

Two first times at once, the Maritime shorts...

With summer (very) slowly approaching in The Netherlands I figured my closet could use some shorts. When I saw the Maritime shorts from Grainline Studio, I knew these would be the ones I was going to make.
I also made this shirt, very comfy cotton from Mood!

This was my first time sewing shorts (apart from my Madeleine mini bloomers) and my first time usinga Grainline Studio pattern. I didn't use the instructions at all, but I followed the sewing tutorial, which has photos of every step.

The difference before (right) and after ironing.
I did make some mistakes, off course, so I had to redo my pockets on which I spend like 30 minutes trying to get them right the first time. Can you see my mistake?

I sewed the wrong side onto the shorts! Now this looks way better doesn't it?

I tried to match the pattern as good as possible, which I think turned out allright. 
You almost can't see the pockets!
My inspiration was this picture which I saw in a magazine and then realised I had this fabric left over from my Picnic blanket skirt. So wearable muslin it was! I decided to add something extra and used black leather on the outside of the waistband. 
Inspiration picture from Jan Magazine, with a nice coffee stain on it
I cut mine in a size 1 (right between the 0 and 2 were my measurements) but they are very tight! I can still wear them, but it was not the look I was going for..
The adjustments I made were the same as Lladybird's Lauren, we both narrowed the back in the middle to get rid of some gaping. I also had to let the side seams out a bit at the bottom as they were too tight! 

New center back line..
They also have a bit of a tendency to creep upwards, any ideas on how to fix this? (Also the pattern placement doesn't help with the visual aspect of camel toe, but trust me, there actually isn't!)

No it's not camel toe! It's just the pattern placement..
At the end my serger started having some issues, but luckily I only had the fly facing left to serge, so I think it's not too obvious, but now I'm afraid I'll have to re-thread my serger and see what went wrong..

I also tried to remember the posing tips from House of Pinheiro and they were very usefull, thanks Rachel!

Pattern: Maritime shorts from Grainline Studio's 
Fabric: Cotton left over from my picnic blanket skirt
Time to finish garment: About 5 hours, next time will be much faster I think..
Notions: A 7 inch zipper which you cut to the right size, and a hook and eye.
Boyfriend's verdict: 7/10, he thinks it is too tight (true) but he likes the pockets a lot.
Make again: Yes, but in a size bigger. Maybe two sizes, let's see..

Next up will be my wiggle dress! I already have photo's but I had some arguments with the zipper, which I'm going to redo first (for the 3rd time!)

Yes! Conquered my first pair of shorts


  1. hooray for shorts! great job on the pattern placement, it's true the pockets were hard to see. You're going to have a great summer with those shorts :)

    1. Thanks Cathy! It was actually my first time trying to get the right pattern placement, so I'm happy with how it worked out :) Now if only summer would show up here, its still sweater weather all the time!

  2. These are lovely, and I really like your idea for the leather waistband! Your photos are really good too. I watched Rachel's video and really need to try and take some of her advice on as they were really good tips.

    1. Thanks! I've been wanting to make something with leather in an item of clothing for a while now, happy I did it! The tips were indeed really helpfull, for me the one about not standing straight in front of the camera was an eye opener, never thought of that before!

  3. They look great! Of course, I'm totally biased because I have a soft spot for both the Maritime pattern AND gingham shorts :) The leather waistband is awesomeeee.

    1. Thanks Lauren! I really liked your Maritime shorts as well, loved the fabric too!

  4. Such nice shorts! I love the gingham fabric, and the leather waistband is pretty cool!

    1. Thanks! I'm very hapy with the leather waistband, gives them something special!

  5. Wow, Kim. These look great. I looove the fit and the fabric choice you did! Wonderful! :) And finally we have some summerdays to get use of the shorts.

    1. Thanks Nette! Ahh yes, has the weather in Germany been as bad as here?