Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Three more bags, the Portside travel set!

Whoohoo, it's almost time for another trip! Tonight I'm flying to Bali, with a stopover of two nights in Singapore :) I had already seen a sneak peak of the new Portside travel set from Grainline Studio, so when it was released last week I knew I had to try and make them before I went away! I think my Weekender bag is perfect for roadtrips, but I didn't really want to bring it with me to Bali, just in case it ripped or something.. 
Super happy! As is my crocodile, which I got last time in Bali
This was the first time I went to the copyshop to get my pattern printed. And I was super happy with the result! No more wonky cutting/pasting lines and all the pieces are nice and firm. It cost me 3.90 euro and I think it is money well spend.
Look at how great this is!
 I had this canvas fabric in my stash, they're leftovers from other projects. The white/beige was just enough for the contrast fabric, lucky me! And I had enough fabric left over from my Minoru lining for this lining.

At first I wanted to use silver hardware, but the D-rings they had at the market were way too big. After looking at it again, I decided that bronze coloured hardware looked way better, so I changed it. That meant removing the straps for the second time, because the first time I'd sewn them on completely wonky. One tip: measure everything! I didn't at first and it doesn't look good when the straps are leaning towards the left..
Silver and bronze, I prefer the bronze!
Nice and straight
 I also added an interior pocket, because it makes finding small/important things in my bag so much easier.
Interior pocket
 One thing that I was super happy to be able to do differently then the pattern instructions say is the lining.. The instructions suggest handstitching the lining in to the zipper, but I did this with my Weekender bag and wasn't super happy with it. I just don't like handstitching things to zippers I guess. But with my duffel, I was able to use my machine! YAY! I used the cream coloured thread on top, black thread on the bobbin and all worked out perfectly :)

 I did break two needles in the process, but that is completely my own fault, for not paying attention where the zipper ends.

 The pattern also includes two smaller bags, the dopp kit and a smaller travel pouch. Which are both super cute! The travel pouch comes together really quickly and is super versatile and its size is perfect!

The dopp kit is also super useful, as I could squeeze in all my toiletries. Which means a lot, cause I always bring a lot of stuff with me. The only mistake I made is that I didn't add the contrasting piece on the backside, instead I just cut it out of one piece. I didn't do this on purpose, but I don't really mind now. The only thing is that I didn't interface this piece, so it's a little bit softer than it's supposed to be.
Jenn also added a small zipper pull which you can make out of leather, super cute!

Overall I'm super happy with this pattern and my new bags! I've packed everything and am ready to go travelling tonight! I also packed some new and unblogged makes (one of them is a bikini!), which I will photograph in Bali, so that will come soon :)