Saturday, February 22, 2014

Named + Grainline Studio give-away!

Hi everyone!
As a thank you for being such awesome readers I've come up with a very cool give-away! (At least, I think so..)

One lucky person will win a Named pattern of their choice and also a Grainline Studio pattern of their choice!
Ailakki jumpsuit
I haven't tried any of the Named patterns myself, but I've got the Shane pleated top ready for some summer tops. I do think that their new collection is amazing and I would love to sew up every one of their patterns!
Kielo wrap dress
I've got more experience with the patterns from Grainline Studio, and they are just as awesome! I'm actually wearing my red plaid Archer right now and my Portside travel bag is stuffed with all the things I need for a weekend at my parents..
Archer shirts
All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, letting me know which two patterns you would pick! The give-away closes friday the 28th at midnight, after which I will announce the winner..
(If you win I'll contact you to check if these patterns are really the two you'd like)
Portside travel bag

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ready for work, my Lola sweater

I've been wanting to make a Lola sweater for a while now, since I needed a nice and warm sweater (with short sleeves) to wear under my white coat at work.  I had major procrastination issues going on,  but when I saw the Lola on Mad Mims blog I knew I had to get started so I could wear mine asap. 
The fabric I used is a very soft-non-stretch fleece, which gave me some issues when I attached the neck ribbing (using self fabric) since there is nooo stretch at all. It stood up straight, which I liked as a 'design' feature, but it wasn't strong/stable enough to look good.
My strange stand up 'design' feature
I wanted to remove the whole piece and replace it with some other ribbing, but since I had stitched, overlocked and then stitched it down I really didn't want to take out all those stitches.. In the end I just folded the neck part over and stitched it down, which makes it smaller and nice and sturdy, but still cool enough as a design feature.

Nicely folded over
I measured my back length to determine how long I wanted it to be and then measured the pattern pieces and folded them where they should end. For the pockets I traced the side piece and then just cut the top part off.

At first I serged everything together, but the seams were a bit too loose, so you could see the stitches. So I stitched just a couple of mm inside from the overlock seams and even though I couldn't press the seams nice and open I'm still happy with the result.
 I'm really happy with my sweater, not my best work ever, but super wearable and really comfy under my white coat. No more need to roll up my sleeves when things get dirty! (which they always do, every day..)

 The weather has been super rainy and gloomy here, we are really hoping for some snow, Shane would love to play in the snow and she really hates rain...
Waiting for snow..