Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Purl Soho tunic

Wow this was a quick make!

I picked this cotton to join Oonapalooza, but then a nasty food poisoning bug kicked in and I couldn't get out of bed for pictures (or anything else that is).

The pattern is the free (and simple) Wear Anywhere Tunic from Purl Soho. It's a great tunic pattern! I cut a size 28 (smallest size) and added about 2 inches of length to the bodice part. Since my fabric is pretty see through I doubled the skirt fabric and that worked perfectly.
The back looks funny here, but I think it's the way I'm standing..
I've already worn it out to lunch and I'm thinking this will become a staple in my travel wardrobe for the coming months!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A silk/linen Victoria Blazer

After making my first Victoria Blazer I knew I would like to make another one, the full length version this time. I actually finished this the first week of april *shame on me for being such a lazy blogger*.. 
This fabric looks quite special, it is a silk/linen blend and it has a lot of different colour tones and textures. It is a bit scratchy in places, so I lined the sleeves with a small bit of the very soft fabric I won in Aleksandra's blogiversary give-away :) No scratchy arms for me!
Excuse my hair, don't know what happened there.. 

The Victoria Blazer is quite a fast make, I think I made it in about two days of lazy sewing in between other things.. I only had one big issue, when my serger ate my sleeve fabric and I hardly had enough to cut out another one on the same grainline.. AARGHH! Luckily I was able to get away with it by removing about 1 inch from the sleeve length.. I also stole a bit of length from the seam allowances on both sides, which made it work :)

I hand stitched the hem, just as the BHL girls tell you to do, and I really like the result. I think it looks super clean and it gave me something productive to do during my nightshifts :)

The only thing is that I'm not really a blazer kinda girl, I'm just not used to wearing them.. So I really need to make an effort to think about my blazers and make sure I start wearing them on regularly.