Friday, August 9, 2013

What I've been up to: non-selfish sewing and knitting..

 Yay! This time tomorrow I will be chilling in Italy with my bf and family!
I have been knitting like crazy trying to finish the We Are Knitters Vito sweater which I'm making as a present for my sister ( her birthday is today).. I'm making it in the same colours as the photo. But after some trouble which involved late night knitting in bed and some rows that I messed up I didn't finish it in time :( 
Milo relaxing by the pool last year

Finished body and super fun label
The body is finished, but it still has no sleeves.. Hmm, luckily it's warm here in The Netherlands. I'm going to finish the sleeves next week while I'm on holiday! Promise! 
Happy birthday Mieke! Balloons veterinarian style :)
I also made a baby present for Manon, I made the Detour Diaper Bag which is a free pattern and I think it looks really cool for a diaper bag! I made it out of green cow leather and paired it with grey canvas. I also added a orange zipper (just because I could). It came together quite quick and I'm very happy with the result. 
Two big front pockets for bottles etc.
Happy zipper
I topstitched all the leather bits

And a back pocket with velcro
Manon, the mommy to be, was too, I even saw some tears! And Ray (the baby-daddy) thought I bought the bag (always a compliment!).  Ray painted the amazing painting which you see behind Manon in the picture.. Check out his other work, very cool stuff!

Not everything I made the last two weeks has been for others.. I finished two dresses and a pair of shorts, I just need to take photo's and then I'll show them to you! I'm hoping to take photo's while I'm in Italy and if our internet connection wants to cooperate with me, I'll blog about them next week.. For now, some close ups to keep you curious..

Bias tape from Purl Soho and some linnen
I'm in love with this pink binding

Linnen shorts


  1. Wow! You have been busy! I'm loving that bag, and can't wait to see the FOs you gave sneak peeks of, especially that green and coral print!

    Have a great vacation!

  2. Thanks Gail! Can you guess which pattern I used for the green and coral?
    We're on our way to the airport now, super excited!

  3. That diaper bag is just awesome, would make a baby to get me one too (just kidding)!
    And I bet you have made a Belladona, I think it will look really pretty, the fabric looks really cool with the pink splashes!

  4. You've been so busy! Happy holidays! I'm seeing a glimpse of the Belladone dress, it would seem-- hooray!

  5. Hey wendy! Your comment made me laugh so hard this morning! It is indeed a Belladonna, good guess! And I've already finished one sleeve, so its looking good!

  6. Thanks so much! So far the holiday has been amazing.. It is indeed a Belladone dress, amazing pattern to make! I'll post more pics soon!