Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sweet and simple, Victory Patterns Chloe dress

This dress is quite different from the shapes that I usually wear. I’ve got an hourglass figure and I tend to gravitate towards dresses that will accentuate my waist. But when I saw the Chloe dress from Victory Patterns I really liked its simplicity. Then when I was at Purl Soho and saw the polka dotted Japanese bias tape I knew I had to make the Chloe dress with it!

Much better fit
I bought linnen at the fabric market in Amsterdam and Chloe was born! It was a very easy make and everything came together nicely. For the bust I cut a size 6 and it fits much better then the size 4, yay!  

At first I was going to use the bias tape around the neckline but then a friend suggested to use it as a sleeve binding instead. Great idea! I think the bias tape as a sleeve binding really accentuates the form of the dress.
The zipper isn’t really invisible, but I made this dress before I got my new invisible zipper foot.. Ahh well, what can you do..
I might still add some buttons in the middle of the pockets, now they have a tendency to open when I’m sitting.  I also accidentally serged a bit of one side to the seam allowance as you can see in this picture, but I’m getting my seamripper out tonight! Problem solved!

Overall I’m really happy with this dress, even though I still have to get used to wearing a loose-fitted dress. After asking my boyfriend he said it looked really good and that the shape of the dress looks good on me. When we were on holiday and I asked him what to wear one evening, he even suggested this dress, I’ll believe him then!

A final seaside dinner drinks picture, since I'm already longing for another holiday! Which won't be until November probably..
With my dad and my boyfriend, the colours are real, no Photoshop!


  1. Wow! What a beautiful color! The dress is really very flattering on you, I would never guess you were an hourglass from the photo.

  2. This is quite cute! The polka dot bias binding placement is very smart, and just like you said, really accentuates the cute shape and details of the dress :) Also I just noticed you are a vet - that's pretty awesome! I love knowing a little more about people outside their sewing world ;)

  3. Schoon, schoon, schoon! A very summery color, perfect for hot summer days or going out on vacation! I love the polka dot detail!

  4. I love this! It's so, so cute! The color and the binding make this really special!

  5. Thanks Sally! I also really like the placement of the polka dots, wouldn't have thought of it myself.. I always like to know a little bit more about people apart from the sewing things.. But I'm always hoping that other people don't find my non-sewing stories boring..

  6. Thanks! I also really like the colour, something very different for me..

  7. Sooo cute! I was contemplating purchasing this pattern. After see yours I definitely will!

  8. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your version, it is a really flattering and easy to make dress :)

  9. I did purchase this pattern after seeing your version! So cute. I'm debating leaving my version unlined.