Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oh Anna, you beautiful troubled one..

Tadaa, I present to you my finished Anna dress! I feel like I've been one of the last ones to make this super cool pattern, even though I've been sewing along with the sew-along.. I used my self dyed silk and I'm in love with how the colours turned out.  
I did have some issues with my dress, but those are completely my own fault.. First of all, my fabric was a bit too narrow and short, so I had to cut some skirt panels slightly off grain, which off course resulted in them stretching a bit while I was attaching the skirt to the top part.. So the darts don't really line up perfectly.
 Then.. I decided to use a shorter zipper because that was what I had in my stash.. After unpicking the zipper 4 times because the waist seamline didn't line up I got it perfectly alligned! But then, I tried to put the dress on and I couldn't get it to fit over my head! The zipper was too short.. So off I went to the store..
Thigh high split? Where?
When parking my bike close to the store I remembered my sister telling me something about bike-police  taking your bike when you don't park it in the right spot.. So I looked left and right, didn't see anyone and quickly bought the right zipper. When I came out of the store I saw three men and a pick up truck standing next to my bike! So I quickly ran there and they told me that they were about to take my bike cause I wasn't allowed to park there.. Luckily they were very kind and let my take my bike after I promised not to park there anymore.. Pfff!
Hand stitched split
All french seams
I used french seams throughout my dress, but at first I used a normal seam to attach the skirt to the top panel. When I had to unpick the zipper for the last time I decided to change the only normal seam to a french seam aswell. Glad I did that because it looks super neat now on the inside!

I hand stitched the split, which I'm quite happy with. My boss asked me if I could put on my deodorant using the split, since it's super high, haha! I wore this dress to a wedding and got a lot of compliments, even from the bride :) and some people told me that I could have been the bride.. I'll take that as a compliment too..
 And it looks great together with my Victoria blazer!
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  1. That dress was definitely worth the hassle of unpicking and restitching seams, it looks lovely on you!

  2. That's a beautiful Anna! I love your fabric it works so well with the design and looks fantastic on you! My Anna fabric is a bit busy and I think it detracts from the design (I might get around to photos and a blog post for it.....)

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I love the variegated colors of grey, teal and lilac that are in your dye job! And the fit is gorgeous on you!

  4. It looks stunning! I love the pattern, definitely on my wish list, and I love the fabric you chose for this! Great work!

  5. Thanks Sonja! Seeing all of the gorgeous Anna's made me long for mine too :)

  6. Thanks! I would love to see your version of the Anna dress, I've seen so many gorgeous versions, even in busy prints it looks super!

  7. Thanks Sallie! The colours were a happy lucky outcome, as it often is with my dyeing projects.. Still super jealous of your gorgeous Anna though!

  8. Thanks Wendy! It is a really cool and versatile pattern, I'm thinking of maybe making a winterised version in wool..

  9. I have been thinking in that direction too! You should definitely try it!