Monday, April 14, 2014

Sewing with a plan, spring/summer 2014

For my sewing plans I'd been hoping to use the Wardrobe Architect series as my own personal guideline.. 
Linton Tweeds gorgeous samples
Well, that won't be happening anytime soon! I've printed the assignments and have been carrying them around for over a month now. They've been in Zambia, Botswana and Belgium and they still haven't been filled in. So I figured I might as well share my spring/summer sewing plans now and when I *finally* do get my lazy/to busy/to tired self to fill it in, I'll adapt my plans as we go. 

My sewing-wish list:

  • Another Minoru in a very lightweight wool
My Minoru fabrics
  • A Bombshell swimsuit in black, I'm thinking view b.
  • Two more Archers, one in sandwashed black silk and the other one in a pale purple fabric.
  • A little black jacket, inspired by Chanel, using Couture Sewing and Linton Tweeds fabric. I'm very much in love with all of the samples you see in the first picture, but I figured its best to use a solid fabric first, so the pattern placement isn't super obvious and I also really want a classic black jacket, so black it is.. Maybe with some sparkles though :)
I'm going to go with black, with a little sparkle :) I think.. 
  • Draped black skirt, using Patternmaking by Dennic Chunman Lo. Or maybe I'm going to use the Vanamo skirt pattern.
  • Kielo wrap dress by Named, I've actually finished this one today!
  • Something from Drape Drape, a dress or a shirt? Or maybe both :) 
  • Two more pairs of Maritime shorts, I've already got the right fabrics for both.. 
Stretch denim fabrics
And I want to continue with my bra/underwear making plans (I've got 2 muslin versions, one from a pattern I drafted myself, which already fit quite good, so yay!)

Wow, this already looks like quite a list. And it isn't even a complete list of things swirling around in my head that I want to make.. Luckily I've already finished some items (is that cheating?) and I'm also almost done with my silk/linen Victoria Blazer (from my fall plans), so things are looking good! 

Apart from all these plans there will be a lot of Burning Man sewing going on.. So lots of prints, fake fur and sequins! 

What are your summer sewing plans? Do you have any must-makes on your list? 


  1. Great plans! Are those Linton samples from the latest collection? I ordered the sample set last Autumn and am stalking the site for the new collection to arrive (hoping for some bright, light colours).

  2. wow - those are stretch denim???!! So very cool! I have so many summer sewing plans - and the list in my head is ALWAYS much longer than the list I write down (which is long enough...) So many ideas, so little time...

  3. Love your sewing plans, and those denims are gorgeous! I've got a Victoria blazer I've had cut out for so long I've now lost one of the lining pieces - time to find it& get that sewn up. I'd also like to see a moss mini in pink twill & an archer made - hopefully!

  4. Oooh can't wait to see your little black jacket! I've also got a Minoru in my near sewing future, if I can ever get around to it! Lol :)

  5. Sounds like a fabulous plan! I just purchased some black Cotton/silk blend (first time using silk!) to copycat your amazing Saltspring.

  6. What fun plans!!! I'm so excited to see them come to life! You're going to be such a busy bee making all of these! I'm desperate for a bomber jacket, a pair of pants, and a couple of shift dresses. I'm trying to set the bar low as I rarely get through half of my seasonal plans, but hopefully I'll get to make a few things. :)

  7. These are super fun plans! I can't wait to see the wrap dress!!

  8. I do think these are from their last collection, I ordered them about 3 weeks ago, but I did ask for dark/black samples, so they might be there without me knowing..

  9. Yeah I think it's stretch denim, it feels like it! Bought them in Amsterdam and there was no label.. I'm looking forward to seeing your summer makes! Ahh yeah the time issue..

  10. Thanks Kathryn! Ooh I hope you find the missing piece! And a moss mini in pink twill sounds gooood :)

  11. Thanks Sally! I would love to see your Minoru! What kind of fabric are you using?

  12. Looking forward to your Saltspring! I can't wait until the weather heats up enough so I can wear mine again..

  13. Thanks Sonja! Your plans sound really good as well! I usually only finish a couple and then get sidetracked by all of the gorgeous new patterns popping up everywhere.. I'd also love to make another Belladone dress, but we'll see. I've got fabric for most of my plans, which makes it easier to stick to them..

  14. It's super comfy, but has some small issues! Hopefully I'll be able to take pics this weekend, so stay tuned :)

  15. Nice plans! Can't wait to see the little black jacket and those fabrics for the shorts are so pretty!

  16. Wow that is an impressive list of sewing. I'm loving the fabric for your next Minoru and agree that black is the perfect colour for a Chanel inspired jacket :-) I'm hoping to make my Kielo dress this weekend.

  17. gorgeous fabrics. i used to sew all the time... i studied fashion design at the academy of art and did some fashion design internships there... it was really fun, but i got into graphic design and it kind of prevailed. i don't sew as much anymore, but whenever i see gorgeous fabrics or inspiration boards i'm always so inspired to!!!!

    good luck with your projects!


  18. Looking forward to seeing your Kielo! I'm just waiting for the right black fabric to order.. I'm also loving the Minoru fabric, it's been my favourite ever since I bought it!

  19. I can imagine fashion internships can be great! Just checked out your site, looks great too!