Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A silk/linen Victoria Blazer

After making my first Victoria Blazer I knew I would like to make another one, the full length version this time. I actually finished this the first week of april *shame on me for being such a lazy blogger*.. 
This fabric looks quite special, it is a silk/linen blend and it has a lot of different colour tones and textures. It is a bit scratchy in places, so I lined the sleeves with a small bit of the very soft fabric I won in Aleksandra's blogiversary give-away :) No scratchy arms for me!
Excuse my hair, don't know what happened there.. 

The Victoria Blazer is quite a fast make, I think I made it in about two days of lazy sewing in between other things.. I only had one big issue, when my serger ate my sleeve fabric and I hardly had enough to cut out another one on the same grainline.. AARGHH! Luckily I was able to get away with it by removing about 1 inch from the sleeve length.. I also stole a bit of length from the seam allowances on both sides, which made it work :)

I hand stitched the hem, just as the BHL girls tell you to do, and I really like the result. I think it looks super clean and it gave me something productive to do during my nightshifts :)

The only thing is that I'm not really a blazer kinda girl, I'm just not used to wearing them.. So I really need to make an effort to think about my blazers and make sure I start wearing them on regularly.  


  1. Yay! So glad you got to use the fabric you won. This blazer is beautiful. I love the outer fabric.

  2. Zo schoon! Ik vind dat het zalmroze jou echt goed staat :)

    Irena - Koffie en Koekskes

  3. Sergers are scary like that, always threatening to bite holes in sewing projects! Hope you get lots of wear out of your blazer, it's lovely.

  4. This is so cute! I really, really like it! I was never a blazer girl until I sewed my first Victoria. I always thought of them as being really dressy, plus they never really fit me correctly off the rack. They're nice to wear instead of a cardigan- I tend to just toss them off with a t-shirt and skinny jeans.

  5. gorgeous blazer! the colour looks great on you too. If this one doesn't get you to wear blazers I don't know what will ;)

  6. I just adore fabrics like this - such personality and depth!! Gorgeous colours in there too - wonderfully suited to this blazer. I hope you'll get used to wearing it - looks great!

  7. Oh no! My serger ate one of my makes once and there was not enough fabric to re-cut/replace. Oh the heartbreak. Nice save Kim! This is lovely and has a bit of the kimono feel about it, so it's right on trend! The colour and style looks fab on you, you should definitely wear this lots.

  8. This looks absolutely amazing! Lucky you could make the sleeves work, it would have been such a pity to lose such great fabric!