Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Linden party

 Hi guys!
Wow, yesterday I noticed that it has been almost six months since I blogged.. For a while I kinda lost my sewing mojo, my Vogue 1247 skirt isn't really working out (since the pockets are sitting on the widest part of my hip, it's not flattering at all..) so that bummed me out..

Last week I found my mojo again, I sewed 5 tops in one week! And I love them all :)
I made one new semi-cropped Linden sweatshirt , I've made two before and figured now was the time to blog them! Pictured above is my newest Linden, made in April Rhodes Arizona knit fabric, which is gorgeous! This fabric has been in my stash since last year, so I was happy to finally use it. I lengthened the crop version slightly, since I have a long torso.. I omitted the neckband, since I wanted to give it a slight less sweatshirt feel.

My other cropped Linden has been finished since December, and has been in regular rotation since then . It is made from a simple grey knit fabric from Italy.
Always happy when seams line up.. 
 My third Linden is the long version, which I made out of striped merino knit which I found at The Fabric Store in Los Angeles. At the sides the stripes match up perfectly and at the front seam I had to pick one to line up, since it's a Raglan sleeve. I picked a stripe slightly too low, so next time I'll keep that in mind.. I took it in slightly at the side seams since it was a bit too baggy for my liking.. I ordered ribbing from Ottobre design on Etsy, they ship from Finland, but it was super fast! I ordered the rainbow ribbings 1x1 which is the perfect weight for this. You can mix and match colours until you have 1 meter of ribbing, so I got some other colours as well :)

Bijschrift toevoegen
The other three shirts I made are from a self drafted pattern, which gives me the perfect slouchy tee. The right fabric is a knit which I also got at The Fabric Store and the other two are from Mood Fabrics. Which means that they have been in my stash for over 2 years, so I was very happy to finally use them!
The left fabric is really thin and see through, so I doubled the front, which helps a lot. The back is quite see through, but I actually like that every once in a while :)
Close up, there are a lot of different colours in this fabric
I have also finished my Rigel bomber, which I'm wearing quite a lot already! I'm hoping to get some proper pics this weekend so I can show you guys what it looks like!
Rigel welt pocket.. 


  1. isn't the Linden a very nice pattern! I just got around to making one myself :) - it's quite simple but you can play with trim, fabric .... and get a different looking garment every time! love your versions and I love the look of those slouchy tees - I bet they are very comfy to wear

  2. That is what a good pattern can do, they get you sewing a lot of them at a very high speed!

  3. So happy to see your makes popping up again! That fabric you are using for a rigel looks divine.

  4. :) Thanks Hanne, yeah it's really quite different from all the other fabrics I've ever seen, really happy with it!

  5. Yes, I totally agree! Which really makes them super worth your money too

  6. Ooh yeah, I love the Linden you made too! Very sweet to make one for a friend, maybe I should ask if my sister would like one...

  7. Yay Lindens! And your bomber looks great, too!