Saturday, September 21, 2013

Drape Drape dress

When I received my Drape Drape book I got super excited! The projects all look amazing, even though some are not really my style (wide dresses and harem pants). I immediately wanted to make dress nr. 5. I thought the red dress looked super nice, so I went and got some red knit fabric..

Tracing the pieces was a little difficult because there are soo many lines on the pattern sheet! It’s like a maze.. I wanted to show you guys but I’ve loaned my book to a fellow sewer, so no pictures..
All the pleats..
I traced size L, but the dress ended up a bit too big. It hangs a little bit too low and also it is a bit too wide around my bust/waist. So next time I’ll make a size M, see how that size fits me.
A little bit too wide..
My fabric was a tiny bit to narrow, so I had to cut the back pieces just a little bit shorter. No problem at all and I don’t think it affects the way this dress looks. Amy from Sew Well had the same problem, so I guess it’s not just me.. Her version is beautiful by the way, I really love the way this dress looks in a print fabric!
Center front seam, which is normally hidden in the pleats
Gathers at the bustline
I had to think a bit about the pleating directions, but once I got the hang of if everything went smoothly. It has gathers at the top of the bustline and then the top skirt part is pleated. I really like the midriff piece, which you interface, so it is nice and sturdy. I didn’t hem the bottom, but since it’s a knit fabric there’s no unravelling. Perfect for me, since hemming is one of my least favourite things to do! (together with tracing patterns..)
You can see the unfinished hem, but that's not a problem to me..
Overall I’m really happy with this dress, even though it is a bit too big. I really like the effect you get from the pleats. I was afraid it would make me look big around the hips, but I don’t think this is really an issue.
Having fun with Jonathan, my photographer
I'm also trying to improve my knitting speed, since I've got so many knitting project on my wish list.. I've been trying to learn the Continental method, but so far I've found it hard to keep the tension right with my left hand. I'm super curious which kind of knitting method you use?
Knitting in progress
I can’t wait to get started on my shirt from Drape Drape, which I’ve already got a black knit fabric for. Just have to get my book back first..

Next up, my other red finished garment and a give-away related to that garment, since I just reached a 100 followers on Bloglovin! Thank you guys!


  1. I love this on you, Kim! Those plunging necklines are super sexy, and you look great in red!

    Knitting! I generally knit Continental, but when I knit Fair Isle (or any stranded work) I hold one color in each hand - it really saves time! It takes a while to learn to tension the yarn in Continental, but once you find what works for you, I think you'll be glad you put in the time :-)

  2. New reader, here!
    I use the continental method to knit. I learned how to crochet first, so learning to knit continental style came pretty naturally to me since I was already used to holding the yarn in my left hand. Keep trying and it will come!

  3. Great red dress! I've been looking to make a fabulous, red, knit dress myself!

  4. So gorgeous! You look amazing :)

  5. Wow stunning! You clever girl.

  6. Your dress looks fabulous! I had to google the continental knitting method so guess I'm no help with that ;)

  7. Omg, it is beautiful!! I love the color and it fits you so perfectly. Very, very nice.

    I throw my yarn. I can pick if I'm doing fair isle, but I'm not particularly fast either way!

  8. Thanks Gail! Red isn't a colour I usually wear, but I'm starting to like it more and more.. I'm still going soo slow knitting continental, but I'll keep trying!

  9. Hey Denise, welcome! I really think that my left hand is trying to sabotage the tension all the time! But I'm just starting so I'm giving it some time..

  10. Thanks Rachel! Looking forward to seeing your dress, what kind of pattern did you have in mind?

  11. Haha, I google it all the time too, can't seem to remember how to hold my yarn in the left hand..

  12. Thanks Stephanie! :) Throwing my yarn is what I do too, but I'd love to improve my speed.. So far throwing is still the fastest for me..

  13. Stunning! That dress is incredible!

  14. That turned out fabulous! Way better than my version (which never actually turned out, ha. I just could NOT figure out those directions!). It looks really good on you :)

    For your knitting question - I'm a continental knitter! I wrap the yarn around my pinky for tension, usually once but sometimes twice.

  15. This looks great! I love it on you! I'm a continental knitter, too. I keep the yarn sort of tucked between my pinky and my index finger. It does seem faster to me, although I learned continental-style so don't have much experience the other way.

  16. This is a gorgeous dress! I knit English style, as do all the other (English) people I know. However I saw a German friend knitting continental style a while ago and though then that it looked quicker and more efficient. I might give it a go - I'm such a slow knitter. I really want to be able to knit jumpers and at the moment it would take me forever! I've never even managed to find a particularly good way to hold my yarn in my right hand!