Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hot Cocoa sweater, a free pattern from Dixie DIY!

This is my first Hot Cocoa sweater and I'm in love! I've already made 2 more and I'm wearing them all the time.. 

The Hot Cocoa sweater is a free pattern designed by Dixie from Dixie DIY. It only has 4 pattern pieces (without the cufs and neckband) so it's a super quick make! From start to finish it only took me about 1.5 hours! 

I found this fabric at The Stoffenspektakel and it was a pre cut piece of 2 meters for 5 euro's, so good deal! I think it is polyester, because it's quite hot and non breathing, but I still like it.

The only thing I changed on my next versions was to lengthen the sleeves about 5cm. I used my double needle to topstitch the neckline. I really live the look of the neckline, there's even some accidental pattern matching! 

And now for the fabrics I treated myself to while in Indonesia.. The first one is an ikat fabric, it's quite stiff and scratchy feeling, but I really loved the colour and print. I'm planning to use it for a bag, maybe another Portside duffel? 

The ants were a bit upset with my fabric blocking their path!

I got this scarf at Threads of Life, it is a handpainted cotton and is really soft! It's a bit see through and originally I wanted to make a flowy summer shirt with it, but maybe I'll just use it as a scarf first!

And now my favourite... This was the only fabric I found which was sold by the meter. It's a thick cotton, hand dyed and stamped. The pattern still feels a bit waxy, so I'm wondering what a carefull hand wash will do to it. 

I'd love to make some pillows or a bag out of it. Maybe if it softens up enough I can make a jacket out of it? My first christmas present I already got from my sis is the Rigel Bomber from Papercut Patterns, so who knows... 

Any last minute crafting or finishing gifts for you? I've finished the geometric sweater for my sis in time and she was over the moon with it :) Now we're on our way to Italy for some snowboarding.. 

Have a super good christmas everyone and good luck with last minute crafting/finishing! 


  1. Oh, your fabrics are beautiful! Your sweater looks cute, too! I think I need to wander over to Dixie!!

  2. I love your top! That fabric is to die for. And I'm enjoying all these balinese backgrounds too.

  3. Nice top! I Love the fabric. The one you used and the ones you bought! Enjoy your holidays!

  4. Your Bali fabrics are gorgeous and the top looks really nice!

  5. Thanks Ellen! I really recommend this pattern, super easy and fun to make!

  6. Yay, thanks Sophie! Not as gorgeous as your Maritime shorts fabric though! Can't wait to see them finished :)