Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wool and the Gang: my Stripy Coco Mariniere sweater

Hi guys!
Thanks for all the super sweet comments on my bikini post, it felt really strange putting photo's of me in my bikini up on the internet, but I'm happy I did it. 
I've still got enough pics that I made my bf take while we were in Bali for two more posts.. Let's pretend it isn't freezing here in The Netherlands right now.. 

 I finished my second knitted sweater! The pattern is from Wool and the Gang and it's the Stripy Coco Mariniere top. When I fist spotted it on their website they also had a picture with sleeves. So I really wanted to make it. After buying the pattern, there were no sleeves included! So I emailed them and got a super quick reply with a sleeve pattern.. The only thing they didn't include were the stripes, so I had to do some math before I could begin..

It is knit in cotton, so that's why I don't look like I'm about to melt in these pictures.. Since I already had the feeling that it might turn out too big, I reduced the number of stitches. It's still pretty big/wide, but nothing too bad. The only part I don't really like is the sleeves, which are too long.. Even for me with my long arms, I get a whole bunch of bunching up around my hands..

When I did all the sleeve math I tried to calculate it so that the stripes would line up nicely with the bodice, only I forgot that the sleeve also had to be attached to the body.. Smart me. Rather then taking the whole sleeve apart I figured I should learn to live with it.. Overall the stripes line up quite well, so I'm still kinda happy.
 When we were in Ubud we visited Threads of Life, a fairtrade business which works with people in rural Indonesia to make textiles and baskets using local materials, local techniques and natural dyes. I really loved seeing all these gorgeous textiles and in my next post I'll show you what I bought. I couldn't afford the gorgeous ikat sarongs, but I can always look at the pictures again..
I love the bottom one.. 

Beautiful indigo table cloth 
This fabric was absolutely gorgeous! It was quite heavy and woven in this amazing pattern, I believe it was about 300 dollars, which is out of my price range, but look how beautiful it is!

Have you been knitting recently? And what do you prefer, wool or cotton? I think I prefer wool, but for summer I've already got yarn for two more cotton sweaters..

Next up will be another sewing project, I promise! And more fabric pics :)


  1. Great sweater! I'm impressed with your stripe maths. I think I'd have given up, a bit lazy like that :) I just finished a knitted lace striped tee as it's summer here in Oz. I knit it in a cotton acrylic blend and was soooooo surprised by how awesomely cottony and squishy it feels. I find 100% wool itchy and Sydney winters are mild, so wool/cotton or wool/silk blends are just right for winter. Can't wait to see what you bought, those textiles are divine!

  2. What a great slouchy sweater! And those ikats are so beautiful. I'm glad you were at least able to take some pictures to remember them by!

  3. The sweater looks great! I kinda like the oversized look. I'm knitting a scarf, and so I have been for the past 3 weeks, and will for the following 2 weeks... I don't see sweater projects in my near future.
    The bali fabrics are gorgeous! And it is ├╝bercool that they are naturally dyed and fair trade!

  4. Thanks Jillian! Yeah I almost gave up with the stripe maths, but in the end it wasn't too hard. If you don't count my mistake that is.. Ooh a wool/silk blend sounds really good to me too!

  5. Thanks Gail! I still have to get used to the slouchy bit, but it's growing on me :)

  6. Thanks! How is your scarf coming along? Hope it's almost finished :) I wish I could have bought some of the fabrics, especially since I really liked the fair trade/natural part..

  7. The scarf is still not finished... Maybe sometime before spring hits full force... The fabrics are gorgeous and I always try to look for fabrics that are made in Spain or Italy or somewhere else where you can be sure the workers get a fair wage, but it's not really very easy...

  8. I know its not easy, often because there are no tags and stuff on the bolts.. Good luck with your scarf! You still have a couple of months before it's spring :)