Saturday, July 5, 2014

Glitters everywhere! Anima pants and Pneuma tops..

I think this has been the longest break from blogging I've taken so far.. I guess after all the sewing/writing/taking pictures for the Sew It Up competition I just really needed a rest. Then my bf and I found a rental house (so I'll be living in two places now, still need to see how that works out). I'll even get my sewing room, which I painted this week and can't wait to finish it!
View from the dining room to the living room..
My future sewing room.. 
I still have a lot of unblogged makes from before the competition (april/may makes, I'm sooo slow right now!) but I wanted to show you guys my latest makes first! I'm entering them in the Sporty Summer Sewathon and the Anima Pant competition, two flies in one squat we would say in The Netherlands ;)
I made the Anima Pants  and two Pneuma sports bra's from Papercut Patterns. I really wanted to make some items for when we go to Burning Man in august. So this was the perfect opportunity to use glitter/sequined fabric!

I will talk a bit about the tops first..
After seeing Sonja's top I knew these would be perfect for Burning Man! The gold glitter fabric is a bit thinner than the striped one, but both are lycra's from Italy. My sizing fell between xxs and xs so I cut right in between those sizes. They are super comfy, but I did have to unpick straps that are closest to my armpits at the back, since they felt a bit uncomfortable around my shoulder blades. I moved them a bit to the middle compared with the instructions. The striped one is my second try and I think the straps sit better on this one.

 My bottom elastic was exactly the same length as the width of the top, so I didn't really have to stretch it in order to attach it. I'm not sure if I should have cut it smaller, but stretch wise this works for me, it is just different then the instructions ask for.. The top elastic asks for 1 cm wide elastic, but my haberdashery store only had really thick 1 cm elastic.. I still had some 0.4 cm wide elastic in my stash, which I added and I think it works just fine :)

And now the pants!
I love them! The fabric is cotton and it is quite thick with a very soft inside and just a tiny bit of stretch. Which meant that I couldn't get the cuffs over my feet when I tried it.. So I decided to make another plan and just add more glitter fabric! (At first I was only going to add it to the pocket).
I cut them in between sixe xxs and xs and I'm really happy with the fit. They are a bit more fitted than I expected looking at the pictures, but I think this has everything to do with my fabric choice. I'll be making 2 shorter versions asap in thinner, stretchier fabric, so I'll see what happens!
The only thing I did differently than the instructions call for was the waistband. The instructions have you stitch one side of the waistband to the pants and then fold the rest over and topstitch it. What I like to do is assemble the waistband first, by folding the fabric in half with the elastic in between.
I then start my topstitching from the folded over edge and continue this as many times as needed, making sure to keep the waistband fabric nice and straight. Then I attach the finished waistband to the pants and finish the edges on my serger. Doing it this way gets me out of topstitching the folded over waistband (since I always mess that up..) I hope this makes sense, if not just let me know!
Topstitching the waistband, the fold in the fabric is on the right, I just make sure to keep everything
nice and straight on the other side as well.. 
Bf wanted to take some Burning Man appropriate pics.. beer and sun it is..
I know I promised you a give-away and it is coming! I just have to take pics of the fabric.. Slow, I know!

Do you have any festivals coming up? Or sweet summer/winter plans?


  1. Super cool! And congrats on the sewing room! I love being able to just close the door and walk way from a project, instead of needed to set up and take down every time I need the dinning table. :)

  2. Your sewing room! Holy CRAP I am jealous! It's so gorgeous!

  3. Wow these are the best looking sports bras I've ever seen! And phwoa so jealous of your new sewing space. I'd never want to leave!

  4. So, so cool. You have proved how utterly lacking in imagination most high street active wear really is.

  5. Really gorgeous make! I just completed a pair of the pants last night for my daughter to take away today and I totally agree about the waist band. As it was late and I didn't have time to ponder, I added fold over elastic to the top edge before folding the waist band over and stitching. However, the 5 cm wide elastic was atrocious to sew in and consequently, I am pondering how to approach the next pair. I'll have to try your method! But, they are an excellent make otherwise.

  6. Oh how fabulous! I'm loving both these makes, and you look seriously great in them! Have heaps of fun!!

  7. Thanks Karen! And thanks for hosting this cool sewathon :) You'd think there would be more fun active wear, to try and make a work out a bit fun at least :)

  8. Wow, sparkly activewear! So cool!!!!! And congrats on your new home! How exciting! No festivals for me this summer, but I'm off to Iceland and Sweden in a few days! Just stitched up a cozy wool pullover for Iceland, which felt a little funny to sew in my hot apartment! :)

  9. Wow! Iceland and Sweden sounds amazing! Are you going to buy any wool? Haha I can imagine its weird to sew a wool pullover in the ny heat 😊

  10. Very very impressive! :)