Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Chardon skirt

Hi guys! 
Thank you so much if you've voted for me for Sew it up.. Unfortunately I was eliminated from the competition.. At least this gives me more time to relax and sew at my own pace, I do perform best under deadline stress, but there's only so much stress you can take before it gets too much.. I did find something great as a thank you for one of you, so check back for that next week..
I still wanted to show you my Chardon skirt which I made to pair with my Bombshell swimsuit. I've had this pattern for a while but just didn't get around to making it. The fabric I picked comes from Paris and I originally wanted to make shorts out of it. It is cotton and the right side has a very soft (almost velvet like) feel to it. I'm super happy that I chose to make a skirt, since it's very wearable and a great wardrobe staple. 
My hip measurements put me between 36 and 38, so I cut a size 37. I either did something wrong with the pleats or I should have cut a size 38, since it was getting veeerrry snug around my waist. I let out the seam allowances as much as I could, but this does lead to the pockets creating slight drag lines. Which I don't really care about, but I'm going to add some cm's to the pattern next time. 

This was the first time that I actually made belt loops, don't know if I attached them correctly, since now you see two stitch lines on each side. But they work and I really like that you can add a a belt! I didn't interface the facings, since the fabric is already quite thick and sturdy and I didn't want to add extra bulk.
Chardon in action
 It travelled with me to Italy and I've worn it soo many times already! I love the way it looks with a tucked in shirt, def going to be a summer (probably a year round) staple! I actually went fabric shopping and found two gorgeous fabrics which I'm going to giveaway to one of you, as a thank you for being so awesome/voting for me! The fabric is currently still in Italy with my parents, but once it gets here (next week) I'm hosting a giveaway :)


  1. Love it! … a beautiful style line …
    I’m a beginner so it’s possible I did something wrong but as I made a deer&doe plantain I found some sizing differences between the size chart and the actual measurements of the pattern (considering the line and the ease) :-?

  2. The skirt looks great with your bombshell! Love the fabric, AND its from Paris. even better!

  3. This is so, so cute! I really love this pattern... think I'm going to have to spring for it! I am so impressed by your Sew It Up garments- I could never keep going in a competition that long! I would be so stressed out and tired!!!

  4. This is a beautiful skirt. And I could just imagine it making a great travel piece too. Reminds me that I need to sew more not print stuff!

  5. Thanks! Hmm I haven't checked the measurements from my plantain, for me the fit was good. I should check the pleats measurements better next time I think..

  6. Thanks Sonja! I'd love to see your Chardon, I think it will look very good on you. It did get a bit too stressful in the end, so that's why I wasn't really bummed to be eliminated..

  7. Haha you were actually the one who made me think about sewing more non print items! Although all of your prints are always gorgeous :)

  8. I really love the skirt! We actually had the same idea I also was sewing it for sewitup, for the sew along of course, and I also wanted to pare it with a bombshell, but I didn't find any fabric that I liked, but now I ordered some in in the usa, hopefully they'll look nice in real life too, btw great minds think alike :) and this was my inspiration: http://noortjepalmers.wordpress.com/2014/05/08/expo-girls-in-galerij-nassau-42-fine-arts/

  9. Hm, just got this notification now, I bought it at the fabric fairy :)