Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sparkly Rigel Bomber

After the love story that was my first Rigel Bomber I've made a second one!

I found some awesome sparkly neoprene fabric in Rotterdam. Since this fabric feels nice on the inside as well I decided I didn't have to line it. When I also decided to ditch the welt pockets it became a super fast project!

I followed the instructions and made the same alterations as I did with my first bomber.

The only issue I had was that my ribbing wasn't wide enough to cut my pieces, super annoying! I fixed it by cutting the ribbing pieces in two pieces and stitching them together. Not the prettiest, but for Burning Man it will work :)

I acted a bit stupid when I inserted my zipper into my stretch fabric. I didn't stabilize the edge first and now I have a super wonky zipper :( Its not too noticeable when I close my jacket though so I can live with it.. But next time, I'm stabilizing it! Lesson learned.
wonky zipper..
Also the bottom isn't equal, which my boyfriend pointed out to me, I think this might also have something to do with the fabric stretching a bit.. Ahh well, let's hope no one will notice in the dark!
Have you learned any sewing lessons the hard way? Would you leave it as it is, or unpick 4 seams and redo it?


  1. Ooh cool fabric! Great jacket too! Nah, I'd not undo all those seams just for that. Ok so it's a bit uneven but it's right at the bottom of your jacket, no-ones going to notice it but you, especially not at a festival!

  2. So shiny! That's cool! That would probably annoy me, so I would want to re-do it... although odds are it would sit in a heap next to my sewing machine for a long, long time without me actually doing it, so...

  3. DISCO JACKET!!! I wouldn't bother unpicking and redoing, I don't think anyone will notice (except for your boyfriend) :)

  4. Thanks Kathryn! I've worn it every night at Burning Man and didn't even notice the wonky seams luckily!

  5. Thanks Sonja! Haha I know about those almost-finished-but-not-yet projects way too well..