Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hannah is bossing me around, a.k.a. The Sew Bossy challenge

Guys! Hannah from Made with Hugs and Kisses is bossing me around... 
I actually kinda like it, I guess you'll understand why when you see what was in her package. 
The package, I love her stationary paper!
(I added the cow and the cactus plant for the pic)
For those of you that do not know The Sew Bossy Initiative, you should definetely check it out! It is a really cool thing where two bloggers decide to team up and then send each other a package with fabric and or a pattern! The whole point of the initiative is to challenge each other a bit and get out of your comfort zone..
How amazing are these earrings? Hannah made them!
 Our original plan was to send each other fabric and a pdf pattern, but we figured it might be difficult to buy one for each other and then mail it.. So in the end we decided to describe the challenge and the pattern that you had in mind for the other.

Hannah send me an amazing fabric, which is originally a (new ;)) bedsheet and she has kept the other half! It is a gorgeous flower print which looks like it's painted with water colours..
It's even folded around the edges, that's how big it is!

 My challenge is to use this amazing print and sew a vintage inspired dress, which also makes good use of the border print that's on the fabris. It's like Hannah can read my mind! I've been wanting to make a dress with a border print for a while now! I've been thinking about the shirt dress from Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing, do you guys have any other ideas?

Close up
 In the package she also included those amazing earrings (which I've already worn twice!) and buttons which I can cover with fabric myself and maybe use in the dress. I had also been looking for those recently, coincidence?
To see the package I've send to Hannah hop over to her blog Made with Hugs and Kisses and check it out! I've included two pieces of fabric and some other me-made things.. My package took a while to arrive, but in the end it got there! The planned deadline of our makes is the end of august, so stay tuned for the big reveal!

Next up will be a Truffle dress and a super sweet award which I was nominated for!


  1. A shirt dress popped into my mind when I first saw the fabric. What a great thing to be sent.

  2. the fabric looks great and The Sew Bossy iniciative sounds like huge fun! Good luck with the challenge!

  3. That "border fabric" is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you will make out of it. Also those other things she sent are quite nice too. What is that goat thing? (or whatever it actually is) And is that cactus alive? This looks like such a lovely challenge. I may have to try it someday.



  4. It is indeed a lot of fun! There are still some people looking for a partner, if you look at the Sew Bossy page, you can find them in the comment section.. I highly recommend it!

  5. Ahh guess you and Hannah think alike! I'm very excited to start working on this..

  6. The goat thing is actually a cow, I got it in Tokyo a couple of years ago (in the year of the cow) and it is supposed to bring good luck.. The cactus is (still) alive indeed :)
    It's a great challenge, it is awesome receiving a package with lovely things and then make something out of your comfort zone!