Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sun, knitting and a miniskirt

I've finished two skirts recently and luckily we had some really warm weather this weekend, so I had the chance to wear both of them! 
I am also working on the Vito sweater from We Are Knitters, my first sweater ever and it is coming along nicely!
Vito sweater in progress

The first skirt I made using the Easy Peasy Pleated Miniskirt tutorial from Elisalex from By Hand London. The other one is Megan Nielsen's Cascade skirt, which I will blog about later!

Pleated miniskirt
The pleated miniskirt was made with fabric I found in the sale bin at Fancy Tiger in Denver. I was there for a few days in april, visiting our friend Allison and we had an awesome time! Fancy Tiger is a great store, I was tempted to buy a lot there, but I had to keep the handluggage restrictions in my mind, so I left with 2 yards of this fabric for 12 dollars!
I really like this fabric and it is especially great because it reminds me of my visit! I wore this skirt yesterday, and even though it doesn't look like a miniskirt, it is pretty short!
The cops sure did notice it, when I was walking the dogs in the morning, two cops on motorbikes flirted with me, that usually doesn't happen!
Crappy phone pic, sorry!
I had some almost-awkward moments while shopping and trying to lift heavy things into the car with my sister.. One package weighed 68 kg's! Quite a lot for two girls to lift.. 
Much easier lifting 

The tutorial was great and very easy to follow! The pattern lend itself to easy sewing in straight lines, the only thing I did wrong at first was the pleats, I folded them the wrong way out. I see a pattern here (Roxanne shirt, same thing!)..

I changed the ribbons for two small buttons and a pink zipper, just to give it a bright detail.

Next up: my Cascade skirt!


  1. This is lovely! I really like the bright pink details you've added, and that fabric is lovely! I hadn't seen that tutorial before so thanks for the link.

    1. Thanks Kathryn! The tutorial is really good, I'm looking forward to seeing your version :)

  2. Enjoy the sunshine! Thanks for the link for the skirt, I'm definitely going to try this one!

    1. Thanks Wendy! The sunshine was lovely, today as well :)

  3. the pink zipper is super cute! So funny to read about the flirting cops, LOL! And where did you take those pictues? IKEA?!

    1. Hey Rachel, thanks for the compliment, and yes, it was Ikea indeed!