Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spotted Cascade

I finished my first Megan Nielsen pattern, The Cascade Skirt, and I love it! It is going to be the perfect skirt for summer and I felt very summery while wearing it.
This is my wearable muslin and I did make some adjustments, which I will keep in mind for future Cascade skirts.
It is the perfect skirt for twirling around..

This pattern is very easy to work with, I used transfer paper to transfer the pattern (size xs) to my fabric, which worked quite well! I took some pictures of it, but it is too hard to see the yellow dots on the white fabric, so I'm not going to post these.. 
Buttons left over from my Picnic Blanket Skirt
I made used 3 m of lightweight cotton which I got at the fabric market for 3 Euros in total. I made the version with the buttons, and found 2 lovely buttons in my stash which add a pop of colour. When I sit down the waistband bends a little, which is what you see in the pic above, that was after spending an afternoon at the lake, not too bad right?

The narrow hem involves quite a bit of work since I don't have a narrow hem foot, so I had to sew the whole hem two or three times! (can't remember excactly now..) I will add a narrow hem foot too my wish list for sure! 
A lot of hemming to do
And while cutting the seam allowance on my hem, I also cut into the fabric..

I sewed over the hole with a narrow zig zag stitch, it is almost invisible now :)

I had to chop quite a bit off the backside, since it was touching my lower ankles, and that wasn't the look I was going for. Unfortunately I didn't take any pics, but I then wore it out to my grandparents at father's day, to see how I liked the length.
Everybody loved my skirt, but when I mentioned the change in hem length to my grandma (who used to be a seamstress professionally) she pointed out to me that the sides were hanging a bit lower than the back hem.. She said that she thought it looked lovely anyway, but when she pointed it out to me, I couldn't stop noticing it!
After reducing the side length
So I decided to trim the sides in a bit, which makes the narrow hem a bit wonky, but you don't notice it from afar! I also added a little stitch in the front, to prevent me flashing everyone when there is a little bit of wind.. 

No wonky hem when twirling!

I have some other very exciting news, I've applied for an internship at the Designer Cafe in the city where I live, which has it's own custom clothing line and works with small independent designers. I will intern there on a trial basis first, and my first project is... Sewing a silk shirt! Very slippery silk indeed, and they don't use rotary cutters.. So I am going to practice my silk cutting skills this week.. The shirt also needs a narrow hem, which they are going to show me next week, and I'm very curious which method they use.. Wish me luck!
Milo looking smart


  1. I love your skirt! This pattern is on my to-buy list!

  2. I've been eyeing this pattern for a while...I love it. Your skirt turned out great!

    1. Thanks! The patterns is very good, quite easy but the wow effect is definitely there!

  3. This is lovely! The fabric you've chosen looks really light and summery and the skirt looks great for twirling! Milo is gorgeous too!

    1. Thanks Kathryn! It is indeed a very light cotton, perfect for summer! I will pass the compliment onto Milo, I'm sure he'll like being told he's gorgeous :)

  4. Good luck with the internship! The skirt looks really great! And twirling is só much fun...

    1. Thanks Wendy! I'll keep you guys updated, especially on the tips and tricks I'm hoping to learn..

  5. The skirt looks great, despite the wonky hem you describe (I couldn't tell from the pictures). I am intensely curious what the Designer Cafe will be like for you. I've volunteered there once a week for a while, but in the end it was just not what I was expecting, so I quit. But I'll talk to you more about that some other time. You just go have fun up there (in the hot attic!). :)

  6. Hey Rachel! I'm really happy you don't see the wonky hem in the pictures or while I'm wearing it.. I'm curious to hear more about your volunteering! They moved one floor down, so it is not as hot as in the attic..

  7. Love this skirt in the polka dots! I made a cascade skirt and also had to take quite a bit of the length (i'm only 5'4) I'll post my skirt on my blog soon! sewcharleston.wordpress.com

  8. Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing your version! I'll keep an eye out for it on your blog :)