Monday, May 19, 2014

Chloe meet Roxanne, sew it up week 2 challenge

Whoohoo! I made it through week 1 in the Sew it up challenge! Thanks guys for voting for me!

For the second Sew it up challenge we had to make a shiftdress.. Hmm what was I going to do? I usually love my dresses form-fitting or at least fitted at the waist. Until I remembered the one pattern that made me change my mind. The Chloe dress from Victory Patterns. It’s a semi fitted, mid length A-line dress, so perfect for this challenge!
I found some gorgeous Atelier Brunette cotton at Mondaysmilk and thought of a plan to add the pleated collar from the Roxanne top to my dress. This meant changing the pattern a bit, by raising the neckline and elongating the bust seam. But I really wanted to give this dress a little bit of extra edge and for me adding the collar did just that. I love this pleated collar and would add it to everything if I could..

This challenge was all about the techniques and finishing touches. That’s why I used my favourite technique ever, french seams. They just give the whole dress a super clean finish. I even finished the welt pockets with french seams, which was quite a puzzle, but it worked out in the end! (I used this tutorial.) It just feels weird putting the pieces wrong sides together and when there’s a welt flap in between it’s even more of a mindf*ck.

French seams everywhere
The sleeves are finished with bias tape, which I made from the same fabric. I also inserted the sleeves with french seams, using this tutorial from Jen at Grainline Studio. I have to be honest though, I did use my serger to finish the back seam with the invisible zipper. I just didn’t know how to finish this one with a french seam (and Google didn’t know it either).
More french seams!
I think this might just be my new favourite summer dress and I hope you’ll like it too! Clean and simple, but with a little bit of edge. Just how I like it!

I'm already super excited for the next challenge (as I've almost finished it and already love it), so if you've got a minute, please vote for me!
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  1. This is awesome!

  2. What a brilliant mashup. This is great!

  3. Gorgeous! I love how all of the unique details come together.

  4. I love, love, LOVE that you added the collar. It adds a little bit of playfulness, just perfect. The Atelier Brunette fabrics have been on my to-sew list ever since they came out, the bird print is a great choice for this dress. Lovely work! (Again!)

  5. This turned out so cute! I love the Atelier Brunette fabrics so much- it's probably a good thing that it would cost a fortune to ship them to the States or all my money would be spent on them! I don't know of a way to French seam the center back with a zipper, either. If I don't want it serged, I either bind the seam or turn and stitch it.

  6. It was super fun to think about a way to combine the two patterns, super happy it worked out!

  7. Thanks Eleonore! Ah yes the fabric is super comfy and great to work with! I also really like the print with the red and white details..

  8. Ah yes I could have turned and stitched, but doesn't that show on the right side then? I still have some difficulties with binding seams and then they end up too thick or something.. Even over here without shipping the fabric was also a bit expensive for me, but still worth it in the end :)

  9. Love love LOVE it! That's the perfect pattern mash-up if ever there was one. I keep seeing that fabric pop up around the place and its gorgeous! I wanty!

  10. Thanks Sophie! The fabric is indeed gorgeous, but with it being a cotton, it does crease quite easily! But you don't really see it on the black luckily..