Friday, May 16, 2014

Me-Made-May part 1

So far my first Me-Made-May is going good! Apart from a horrible day with a huge hangover and three days when I had to wear a eye patch because of something strange with my eye, I managed to get Instagram pics every day :) 

On the non-Instagrammed days I did wear me mades, mostly my geometric pleated pants and hot cocoa top.. I just wanted to spare you (and myself) those pics.. 
Day 1: My first wiggle dress, pre-blog, but one of my favourite makes so far. 

Day 2: Roxanne shirt, also one of my favourite makes!

 Day 3: Also pre-blog, a self drafted shirt made with super soft cats and rabbit print cotton from Purl Soho.. I had a 24 hour work shift, so comfort was very important :)

 Day 4: After a 24 hr work shift comfort is also important, so I wore my self drafted knit shirt (same pattern as day 3). Milo was very photogenic that day..

 Day 5: Plaid Archer and my waterproof Minoru, it was a very rainy day so perfect choice!

 Day 6: Rigel bomber, Portside duffle and unblogged Hot cocoa top. I got an unexpected call that I had to work another double shift, luckily I had Me-Made-May covered..

 Day 7: Relaxing after another double shift in my geometric print pleated pants, made from the same self drafted pattern as these.

 Day 8: Drape Drape dress, which I'm going to blog about soon!

Day 14: Geometric sweater and again the pleated pants.. Feeling slightly better, but still one-eyed so therefore a headless pic.. 

Day 15: Victoria blazer in silk/linen, also still unblogged.. One of my makes for Sewing Indie Month, so going to be blogged soon! As you can see my right eye is still acting strange.. 

Day 16: My Belladone, super comfy and great for a nice summer day like today!

So far I really like Me-Made-May, although I do wish we would get some warmer weather. I found out that I either have wool/winter things or summer dresses. Most of my summer dresses can be worn with tights/sweaters, but they are still packed away because of the cold and rainy weather we were having..

Also I already found out that I like to sew tops and dresses, but I'm lacking self made skirts badly.. Vogue 1247 just arrived in my mail box, so I'm hoping to remedy that soon :)

How is your Me-Made-May going? I'm enjoying seeing all of your outfits so much! It's super cool to see how everyone styles their outfits differently..


  1. Looks great so far! it's nice hat you have such a mix of tops, bottoms, dresses and jackets! what kind of fabric did your use for your bomber jacket?

  2. You are so cute! I love your outfits.

  3. Haha thanks Sonja! I love your outfits too :)

  4. Thanks! The bomber is a fake suede fabric and it is lined with silk.. I really need to make more bottoms though, I guess I just prefer my good fitting rtw jeans too much..