Monday, June 10, 2013

Itajime gone wrong

While I was in New York I took an Itajime class at the Textile arts center in Brooklyn with Shabd Simon-Alexander which I will blog about later.
The napkins I made there turned out really nice and so I wanted to dye another set of napkins to give as a present. 
The fabric spent 24 hours in these bags, soaking up all the dye

I bought 6 heavy cotton napkins and went to work. I had decided (together with my boyfriend) that the colours that looked the best were Copper and Aqua.

Still looking allright, I thought they would be beautifull!

Somehow three things went wrong with this project..

1. the cotton was too thick
2. the dye was too diluted
3. why did I think that using copper coloured dye is a good idea for napkins?

It looks like someone with a beard has already used them and smeared brown gravy all over them! 
I had decided that I wanted the colours to be a pastel shade, so I used less dye than supposed to. And because of the thickness the paint has spreaded quite wide and the lines are very blurry.

So I guess no napkins as a present any time soon..

You can kinda see the shapes, but the aqua paint doesn't show at all

Definetely not the result I was going for..
On the bright side, I did however paint some other cotton too, two parts which I dyed in an emersion bath with the left over colours from the napkins, and one bigger part which I used the powder paint to create little speckles of colour! I love that you can see how the paint is build up out of different colours  when you lightly dust it onto the wet fabric.

I already have a project lined up for this fabric so keep an eye out for it! I'm just waiting for the mailman to arrive..

Speckles of colour

Note: you have to wear a mask when you use the paint as powder, since it is really bad for your lungs..

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