Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lovely suprises from the mailman

Look what I found in my mailbox after two days (and one night) at work?

I had ordered three patterns from Deer and Doe, the Airelle blouse, the Datura blouse, and the Chardon skirt. I am really excited to try out the lovely patterns from Deer and Doe. I already have some fabric cut out for the Datura blouse, it is the cotton fabric that I painted last week while making the napkins-gone-wrong.. Luckily the fabric came out better looking than the napkins!

Unfortunately the Belladone dress was out of stock, otherwise I would have added that one too! (I just noticed that they have been restocked, so treated myself to another present)

This week at work I had to cover a night shift, which included sleeping at the practice all by myself. This was my first night shift all by myself at the new practice, so I was a bit nervous.. Luckily there were no emergency patients and I could get some sleep :)

Last week I had also ordered the Cascade skirt pattern from the awesome new collection of Megan Nielsen. I ordered it from Backstitch, but I didn't know when it would arrive.
Can you imagine my excitement when I found all four of the super cool patterns had arrived at once?

Yay! It's the Cascade skirt
For the Cascade skirt you need 3m of fabric, so I went to the fabric market to try and find some cheap fabric with the right drape. At first I really liked the yellow and green fabric from the pic below, until they guy told me the price... 10 Euro's for a meter! Hmm too expensive for a wearable muslin.

10 euro's for a meter, quite expensive for a muslin..
 Then I found this light weight cotton, it was only 1 euro a meter, quite a difference! I think it will (hopefully) make a lovely wearable Cascade skirt muslin.

Some pics of the fabric market, to get an impression :)


  1. Utrecht fabric market is my go-to place as well for buying fabric! Yay! I love that you're gonna make some Deer and Doe patterns, can't wait to see the result! Happy sewing!

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for your comment! What do you think of the prices at the fabric market? I often find them a little expensive for the fabric (when it's not cotton) and often they dont know the type of fabric :( but still it makes a lovely saturday morning trip!